Company Profile

I.S.T s.a. provides integrated solutions one-shop-stop in design – engineering-testing of innovative products which demands high expertise and knowhow for its integration. The engineers of the company with a big experience in the field of industry in combination with the infrastructures and the cooperation and academic support from Technical Universities, can assure their clients innovative solutions and quality results in offering services and products.

I.S.T s.a. was founded by Mechanical Engineers with carriers in
multinational companies in the following fields:

Aerospace Industry

Defense Industry

Design & Production Planning

Projects Management

The above activities are created in cooperation with important European houses and participate
in National programs of research and development.

Our Facilities


Our climate chamber is tailored to environmental simulation (Temperature and Humidity), ideal for testing mechanisms , machinery , coolers etc. Is equipped with Data Acquisition System for temperature (31 sensors), Humidity ,Pressure (two sensors, High-Low) and electrical energy consumption (Kw/h, Amp , Volts, Hz)


CNC Steel Sheet Metal Machinery


Polyurethane Foaming Station with Jig

Vacuum – Charging
Testing Equipment